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Updated: Mar 6, 2022

To show off strong and healthy hair, it is advisable to pay attention to food, since various nutrients and benefits are also obtained through it.

Having strong and healthy hair is possible, as long as you keep in mind that hair health depends not only on the type of shampoo you apply, but also on various details, including diet and


Next, we will tell you in greater detail what are the tips that you should take into account in your day-to-day life.

Tips for strong and healthy hair

1. Brush your hair every day

Buy a brush with soft bristles and try to brush the hair when it is dry, to prevent the strands from breaking easily. If you have very long hair, you can also gently brush it before bed. This will stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and the hair follicles will produce healthier strands, thus obtaining strong and healthy hair.

2. Cut the damaged ends

As the hair grows, it weakens, especially at the ends, which is the "oldest" part, so to speak. To fix this problem:

  • Although sometimes we do not want it, it is necessary to cut at least the ends of the hair, to maintain its health.

  • Start by cutting a little (no more than 3 centimeters) and repeat this process as the hair grows. Every 3 or 4 months you can cut your ends.

3. Know your hair type

With this information in your possession, you will have the ability to choose the right beauty products. Using the products that best suit your hair type is essential to show off strong and healthy hair.

A hair evaluation consists of three parts:

  • Density: abundant, medium or sparse.

  • Texture: coarse or fine.

  • Strength: porosity, elasticity and humidity.

4. Rinse it with warm or cool water

Yes, even in winter. The final rinse when you wash your hair should always be with lukewarm (or rather, cool) water to allow the cuticles to close. You will see that your hair will be brighter and silkier. In addition, this technique serves to make it grow faster.

Hot water, on the other hand, increases the oiliness and breaks the strands. Thus, when they dry, you will notice them as “open”.

5. Use quality products

Opt for products that are consistent with your hair type and that in turn give you good results. These products will help you achieve strong and healthy hair.

You can consult with your hairdresser about the best options for you, in order to buy the one that best suits your needs.

6. Do not abuse the dryer or the iron

Although straight hair looks beautiful on you, reduce the number of times per week that you blow-dry or straighten it. Exposure to the heat of these elements dries out the hair, making it dull and lifeless. For all these reasons, it becomes more prone to breaking or opening at the ends.

We recommend that you use these utensils only when you have a special event or on very cold days so as not to go outside with wet hair and catch a cold.

7. Massage the scalp

You can do it while you're in the shower or when you're watching TV on the couch. Among the benefits of hair massage are:

  • Increase blood circulation to the hair follicles

  • Relieve stress

  • Condition the scalp.

Try massaging several times a week with essential oils. You will see the effects almost immediately.

8. Do not abuse chemicals

Just as the heat of the dryer or iron is bad for the health of the hair, certain common products can also damage it. This is the case of dyes and straightening treatments (even if they are of good quality).

9. Avoid the sun and the pool

When summer and holidays arrive, your hair is likely to look dull and weak. This is due to exposure to the sun, chlorine that is added to pool water or sea salt.

We advise you to wear hats or scarves at this time of year and, if possible, to put on a product that acts as a barrier against these harmful elements.

10. Don't over wash

Both the scalp and the strands need several hours to dry completely. Also, the more times we wash our hair, the less natural oils it will have and the duller it will look.

The frequency of washing will depend on the type of hair and the time of year. Don't wash every day, even in summer.

11. Maintain a healthy diet

In addition to taking care of it on the outside, the hair must be nourished on the inside. It is essential then that you eat in a balanced way and add many fresh fruits and vegetables to your dishes. Nuts, legumes and water should not be missing either.

12. Don't tie it

Ponytails and other hair tie elements break the strands, especially if they are too tight. In extreme cases they can even cause alopecia.

  • The "ponytail" is detrimental to the health of the hair, as well as braids or very elaborate hairstyles.

  • It is better to wear it loose and only hold it in certain situations, for example, when playing sports or if it is too hot.

Having strong and healthy hair not only depends on the type of shampoo you decide to apply, but on other details. Therefore, remember the tips that we have shared with you, apply them and start showing off spectacular hair from now on.

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