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  • 4PCS Bamboo hairbrush set

    All the brushes and combs in this set are made of natural bamboo, no plastic,say goodbye to static hair, get healthy and shiny hair


    Better massage experience

    You will find a small hole on the air cushion of the brush, this air hole can release the air of the cushion, making the brush fit the scalp better, bringing a comfortable scalp massage experience


    Wide tooth comb

    With the wide-toothed comb ,you no longer have to worry about hair tangles,Whether you have wet hair , thick curly hair,or short hair


    Edge brush

    Edge brush for easy grooming of eyebrows and fine baby hair;

    If you want to make detailed hairstyles at home, this edge brush comb will be a good helper, very suitable for hair parting, hair backcombing or hair styling.


    Afro pick hair comb

    Embrace your big curls and stand out from the crowd with our wooden pick comb. It is essential for texturing and taming your hair. Keep your Afro consistently fabulous.

    Because is special? Discover the convenience of a 2-in-1 hair pick Our eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo pick is gentle on curls, 20% larger than cheap plastic picks (which often cause more damage), and is chemical free.


    Wooden Wide Tooth Comb 

    Looking for a comb that will finally help with detangling but also prevent less shedding. This all natural handmade bamboo comb is made from all 100% All Natural Bamboo Wood. ANTI STATIC is wide enough to prevent unwanted snags while detangling Thick Curly Hair !! So don't worry or be fearful about a wooden comb that will snag your tresses.



    Suitable for all hair types

    One set of hairbrush and comb for straight hair, curly hair, short hair, thick hair, a perfect gift for your family or friends

    NATURE CAPELLI Curls Hair Brushes and Combs Set

      • CREATIVE GIFT: The perfect hairbrush set for men, women, children and grandparents to provide your family with the perfect hair care experience; the brush set comes in a gift box and can be given to family members on birthdays, Christmas, New Years or a big day with friends


      • REDUCE HAIR FRIZZ, STATIC&TANGLES:Our paddle brush is made from natural bamboo;Unlike nylon combs,the round comb pins will not cause hair static, massage the scalp while combing the hair, promote the blood circulation of the scalp, and give your hair a natural and healthy shine


      • FOR WET & DRY HAIR: Whether it's straight, curly or thick dry and wet hair, the wide-toothed comb goes through hair easily without pulling and pain, reducing hair tangles


      • LOVE YOUR CURLS: Embrace your curls and love those gorgeous locks. Healthy curls never go out of style, and we want you to be proud of your twists with our Controlled Chaos Wide Tooth Detangler. This bamboo hair pick is well polished and has a smooth texture, ensuring that it will not harm the skin while using it. Helps lift from the roots, creating big and voluminous hair.
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