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Sin Formol

Botox Effect Formaldehyde-Free 2 OZ

  • Nature Capelli Botox Effect is an intensive formaldehyde-free hair botox that hydrates and adds shine to the hair, leaving it more beautiful, smooth, frizz-free and without haircuts. This treatment contains in its formula nourishing and moisturizing substances that strengthen the hair, also leave it more silky, since it provides vitamins and proteins essential for the health of the hair. Its effects last for 20 days. For a better result, you should apply our Botox Effect every 20 days.




    For all types of hair

    Damaged hair, chemically treated and hair exposed to irons and dryers.




    • Brightness

    • Eliminate frizz

    • Straighter hair

    • Strengthening

    • Reduces damaged hair

    • Flexibility

    • Hydration

    • Nutrition

    • Split end repair




    • After shampooing, mix 10ml of our Nature Capelli Botox Effect with 20ml of filtered water.

    • Divide the hair.

    • Apply it to the hair with a brush.

    • Go to the dryer for 15 minutes.

    • Remove with plenty of cold water.

    • No need to apply conditioner or mask afterward.

    • For best results, apply every 20 days.

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