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    HNR Hydration Hair Mask 12 OZ

    • Nature Capelli HNR Hydration Hair Mask has a moisturizing action and provides softness. It is infused with aloe vera, honey and passion fruit, it is rich in vitamin C and the B complex. It also contains an agent that acts on the fiber. capillary from the cuticle to the medulla, providing hydration, repair, strengthening, promotes growth, volume control and frizz, natural appearance and softness.




      For all types of hair





      • Leaves the hair silky

      • Boosts shine 

      • Strengthens

      • Provides moisturize

      • Helps stimulate hair growth


      HOW TO USE


      • Apply HNR Hydration Hair Mask to clean and damp hair.

      • Distribute throughout the hair length avoid the hair roots or scalp.

      • Let it act for 10 min for a deep & intense treatment o 3 min for a quick repair.

      • Rinse the product thoroughly with water.

      • Style as desired.

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