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Nature Capelli was born in Lawrence, MA, United States with the idea that hair and beard care is not as complicated as it seems. Your hair and beard can benefit from the ingredients in our products that hydrate, protect, repair, stop hair loss, nourish and promote growth. Nature Capelli Vegan products are suitable for all hair types and are easy to use.


Every strand on your head, long, short, straight, curly or chemically treated, needs love, that's why we made vegan products that will give your hair and beard the love it deserves:


  • They repair the hair from existing damage, to give it maximum shine and deep hydration.

  • Protect your hair from heat tools.

  • It stimulates its growth in a healthy and strong way.

  • Prevents and stops hair loss, so you have longer and more beautiful hair.

  • Moisturizes and fills your beard, so you have long and uniform beards.

  • In each Nature Capelli product, you will find LOVE AND SELF-ESTEEM.

Because you deserve beautiful hair and a long and beautiful beard, Nature Capelli is for you.



At the end of 2019, Sheila Cabrera, founder of Nature Capelli, went natural, having lost over 50% of her hair due to a chemical process, this led her to investigate healthy hair care practices and begin her "hair journey", she made the decision to avoid straightening irons and coloring. She concentrated on recovering her hair, so she used natural recipes, natural products and products created by herself, since the products on the market contained silicas, parabens and aggressive chemicals that would make it difficult for her to recover her hair.

In 2020 he created a hair tonic, which is now known as Gotero, this fulfilled the function of stopping hair loss and stimulating its growth. It took him a while to perfect the ingredients, but once he did, he began using his DROPPER in the hair of her children Emma and Ethan, in the hair and beard of her husband Alwins, in her friends and family. Everyone loved the product. Sheila just felt confident using the products she made for her hair. She documented on her Instagram the whole process of how she got her hair back, this created a demand for her products; Her followers, friends and family insisted on buying her DROPPER and Herbal Growth Oil for hair growth.

In 2021, Sheila began marketing her vegan products which she called Nature Capelli. These products help prevent and stop hair loss, promote healthy growth, help hydrate, nourish and repair hair and beard, in addition she created three deep treatments that I call HNR CAPILLARY SCHEDULE, its function is to hydrate, nourish and rebuild hair. Today Nature Capelli consists of 28 steps for the care of your hair and your beard.

Sheila Cabrera is an Architect from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD). Success has come fast, and the business is constantly growing. She is excited about the future of Nature Capelli and every day she prepares herself more in the area of ​​Chemical Engineering and production of hair and beard products.

Founder & CEO

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