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Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Do your curls feel dull, lifeless, rough and dehydrated?

With these simple 5 tips in a few weeks, you will notice the difference in your curls.

1- Know your hair

Knowing the type of hair, you have and what its needs are: reconstruction, hydration or nutrition, is essential, so you can invest in the right products. There is an established category for each hair type, ranging from 1A to 4C. Look below:

To learn more about types of curls and their needs, see also our other post Do you know what your curl type is? (

2- Use specific products

Avoid or reduce the use of products with alcohols, sulfates and silicones, because over time they tend to dry out your curls. Normally curly hair is drier from the middle to the ends, since the natural oil of the scalp does not reach the bottom. Change for products with natural ingredients, moisturizers

3- Always moisturize

Hydration is very important for curls, moisturizing once a week continuously is enough. The other days you can moisturize your curls with a conditioner or styling cream. For the mask to have a greater effect, wrap the hair in a hot towel or a seed cap. The heat will help open up your pores and help the mask penetrate better.

4- Treat your curls with care

Although it may not seem like it, curly hair is very fragile, the tips below will help you prevent breakage and reduce frizz.

  • Try to comb your hair with a long tooth comb or brush.

  • Comb your still wet hair, unraveled in parts, from the bottom up.

  • Detangle with conditioner or styling cream.

  • Dry with a cotton towel to avoid frizz and better if it is outdoors.

5-Use some kind of definition

Defining is not mandatory, there are many people who prefer looser curls, but if you like definition, there are currently many techniques, which derive from the Curly Method or other methods, such as: twist, curl by curl, pilsing, scrunch. My recommendation is that you try to find out what you like best, and which one gives you the results you want. Finish with a styling cream or a gel, this way you will avoid frizz and get more hydrated and long-lasting curls.

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